How to Close Pores: The Art of Pore Minimization

Pores are the tiny openings on your skin and these pores allow your skin to breathe. On the other side, visible large pores on the face can be the result of aging, oily skin, dry skin, and sun damage. These pores cannot be closed but you can definitely reduce the size of pores and make them less visible. There are many ways that can solve your query about how to close pores.

Solutions For How to Close Large Pores?

Start with exfoliating because when you exfoliate once in 3-4 days, this process not only helps to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and dirt but also makes your skin tighter, smoother, and firmer.

My second recommendation is to try clay masks. Because clay masks go to the deep layers of the skin and dry the sebum. This is how clay masks make your pores tight and the skin firm.

Next, retinoid creams could play a major role to reduce the large pores if they appeared by aging. Use retinoid cream every night in the last step of your nighttime skincare routine.

Apart from this, you can use ice cubes on the face to shrink the size of large open pores. Ice cubes can be used to treat acne which could be another reason for the open pores on the face.

Some natural methods such as aloe vera gel, egg white mask, multani mitti (fuller’s earth) face pack can also help to improve texture and elasticity of the skin which results in your pores look smaller and tighter.

Lastly, you can prevent the enlargement of your pores just by following a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. Always wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen, drinking lots of healthy fluids, eating a nutritional diet can make your skin smooth, firm, and healthy. These simple beauty tips on how to close pores will definitely help to improve the condition of your skin.

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