Simple Beauty Tips To Look Gorgeous

Every woman wants to be beautiful and attractive. You can’t depend on your beautician to look gorgeous every time, Sometimes with little self-care of your skin, hair, and body, you can start to feel more beautiful. Here are some simple and brilliant home-based beauty tips to get a stunning face. That will save you time and money too.

Simple Beauty Tips For Skin

Simple beauty tips for skin

1. The CTM

The entire CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing) regime is important to maintain the skin’s moisture and nourishment. No matter what skin type you have. Identify your skin type and follow these 3 steps in your everyday life to have a beautiful looking face.

You can get the problem-free and gorgeous skin if you spend 10  minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at bedtime for this simple process. Whether you are a housewife or work in the office, the CTM routine is the basic step to maintain glowing skin.

2. Lip Care

Exfoliating your lips helps to remove dead skin cells and keep them smooth. All you need for exfoliating is ultra-soft toothbrush and scrub. You can prepare your own homemade brown sugar and coconut oil mix scrub. Apply the scrub on your lips and use a toothbrush in a circular motion.

Remember to be very gentle and repeat this process twice a week for rosy lips. This DIY lip scrub will add moisture and nourish your lips. Apply your favorite organic lip balm after this process. If you follow these simple beauty tips consistently, then your lips will become soft and pink.

3. Coconut Oil For Moisturize

Along with moisturizing the skin, coconut oil improves skin elasticity and collagen production. Eating coconut, drinking coconut, applying coconut, all are favorable for the skin. The antibacterial properties and nourishing fatty acids help to hydrate and protect your skin. This is my all-time favorite oil for body, face, and hair massage. It is like a superfood for complete body skin.

4. Honey Face Pack

This is the face pack that can reduce your skin problems like blemishes and fights against acne. It keeps your skin hydrated and gives you a natural shine. There are different face packs for different skin requirements.

For acne, you can mix raw honey and lemon juice together and for glowy skin mix 2 tbsp besan and 1 tbsp raw honey. Doing this process twice a week can give you problem-free gorgeous skin.

5. Olive Oil For Long Lashes

Long, fuller eyelashes can enhance your beauty looks but not every woman is blessed with long lush eyelashes. There are plenty of natural methods that actually can give you gorgeous eyelashes. Applying olive oil is an effective way to get thicker lashes. You can use a disposable mascara brush to apply olive oil.

6. Eat And Drink Healthy

Eating a healthy diet is the first step for natural gorgeous looks. You can get younger, smoother, and clear skin if you follow the right diet plan. The best foods for crystal clear skin are leafy greens, olive oil, blueberries, salmon, nuts, green tea, tomatoes, strawberries, and many more. So fill your plate to nourish your skin inside out.

Drink 7-8 glasses of water daily and avoid packed juices and sugary soda. Try some detox infused water remedies that will encourage you to drink more water.

7. Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important to prevent skin damage from harsh UV Rays in every season. The damage from UV Rays causes skin cancer, blemishes, sunburns, breakdown of collagen, and premature aging. It also keeps your skin tone even and prevents you from discolorations.

8. Do Exercise

The beauty benefits of doing exercise daily are enormous. Along with keeping you in shape, it also enhances your beauty. You may succeed in achieving more youthful-looking skin with exercising. There is no need to spend a whole day in the gym for beautiful skin. Only 30 minutes in a day will be sufficient, in which you can try some yoga poses also. A little workout from home can enhance your beauty.

9. Stop Being Touchy

Touching your face frequently and popping pimples can be really bad for your skin. As you press the pimple, you are only spreading the bacteria and dirt on your face. It may cause more pimples and permanent acne scars. so give it time for natural healing. So put your hands down and stop touching your face and popping pimples.

10. Hand And Foot Care

Don’t forget your hands, feet, and nails care – Hands, feet, and nails are the most overlooked part of our body. Our hands and feet also demand the best and special care like our face in every season. Pamper them with a home-based manicure-pedicure session.

Easy homemade packs are also an excellent idea to enhance the beauty of hands and feet. It does not matter how beautiful your face looks if your hands are dry and feet are rough that will leave a very odd impression on others. Don’t forget about your elbows and knees, please.

Simple Beauty Tips For Hair

Tips for daily hair care

1. Trim Regularly

The first beauty care tip for hair is to trim them every 2-3 months to remove split ends and hair damage. Regular trimming does not help in the growth of your hair but gives them a healthy and smooth appearance. Only a consistent intake of vitamins and minerals can promote your hair growth and nourish your scalp.

2. Avoid Heat Styling

Excessive use of styling products, chemicals on your hair can make them rough,  dry, and brittle.  instead of using a blow-dry, let your hair dry naturally. If you still want to use heat styling products then use a hair protectant first and set the minimum heat temperature.

3. Pick Right Product

Using a mild shampoo and conditioner also plays a vital role in your hair health and strength. Always choose a suitable shampoo according to your hair type. Comb your hair before washing to avoid tangles after wash. Don’t forget to apply conditioner to lock the moisture in your hair.

4. DIY Hair Packs

Homemade hair packs are another nourishing option for gorgeous hair. These DIY homemade hair packs are perfect to pamper your hair in every season and the amazing thing is that you can find all the ingredients in your pantry.

5. Water Temperature

Wrong water temperature can give you serious hair damage. You need lukewarm water to wash out the dirt and any residue from scalp and hair. In the beginning, you can use warm water to get the dirt out and use normal or cold water when rinsing out the conditioner.

Rest you should eat a healthy and protein enriched diet and drink 7-8 glasses of water for beautiful lustrous hair. Always choose a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair and avoid the frequent combing. Wash your comb at least once a week. Protect your hair from sun rays by wearing a hat or cap. Follow these simple hair care tips daily and soon your hair will look more shiny and healthy.

Simple Beauty Tips For Body and Mind

mind and soul beauty tips

1. Beauty Sleep

My number one beauty tip for body and mind is getting plenty of sleep. It is like a superfood for your body and mind. Sleep is a powerful stress reducer. Following the regular sleep, the routine improves concentration, cuts stress, and regulates mood. Deep breathing exercising techniques can relax your body and mind. Not getting enough sleep leads to puffy eyes, dark circles, dryness, and more visible wrinkles. Good sleep helps to maintain healthy body weight too.

2. Admire Nature

Go for a walk or run and admires nature’s beauty. By starting your day with a walk may give you more energy throughout the day. A regular early morning walk may help you to think more creatively at work. You can see positive changes in your mood. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during a walk.

3. Laugh More

Laughter and happiness are powerful and the best medicine for body and mind. It has a direct effect on our well being. Laughter can reduce anxiety, damaging effects of stress, and negatives emotions from your life. Make sure to laugh (deep belly laughter) as much as possible to look beautiful. According to the one research laughter is an incredible immune system booster, resulting in brighter skin, better hair, a peaceful mind, and a far better ability to fight sickness.

4. Yoga Therapy

Another beauty tip for body and mind is Yoga. Are you looking for reasons to try yoga? There are tremendous benefits to practicing yoga every day. Practicing yoga can balance and strengthen your physical and mental health. It helps to build healthy bones, lowers the risk of heart disease, improves posture, strengthens memory, and also helps with depression.

Yoga can enhance your inner and outer beauty. You look younger and more radiant when you do regular yoga practice. You can try some simple facial yoga exercises at home to release the tension in your facial muscles. To maximize the benefits of yoga eat clean and organic food. Yoga heals the soul and body.

Beauty is not what you see on TV. If you are happy and healthy from inside then you will also look gorgeous from outside without any makeup or styling. Because ultimately real beauty comes from within. Apply these simple beauty tips and see what amazing changes you can get.

Love Yourself ❤️

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