How To Help Postpartum Hair Loss To Stop?

A woman’s body goes through many changes after childbirth. One of those changes is postpartum hair loss that starts 2-3 months after childbirth. Postpartum hair loss is completely normal and the best thing is it is temporary.

If you’re among the women who are experiencing this sudden shedding and looking for the answer of how to help postpartum hair loss to stop, then here is your complete guide.

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

Your body goes through lots of hormonal changes during the pregnancy and these changes give you thick and shiny hair. These hormonal changes actually preventing you from everyday shedding.

Pregnancy causes several hormone levels to rise, including estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin.

These grown hormones come back to normal levels only after 24 hours of childbirth. And only after 2-3 months your hair starts falling more than normal and sometimes it comes in clumps.

You may notice clumps coming out when you brush it or taking a shower. And after some time you may notice a fully developed receding hairline.

But don’t panic, you’re not going to be bald.

How To Help Postpartum Hair Loss To Stop?

You will definitely get scared after seeing this much of your hair fall. Just relax; it will be normalizing very soon.
But during this time you have to take special care of your hair nourishment. You can’t stop this hair fall but you may be able to control it if you follow the hair fall tips given below.

Eat Nutritional Food

eat healthy to control post delivery hair fall

Eating good and organic food can be of great benefit after childbirth and during hair fall. Eating protein-enriched food consistently can help in strong hair growth. Add a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet to get all the essential nutrients.

Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, carrots, sweet potatoes, fruits, nuts, and seeds, etc. All these foods will make your hair strong and help in growing new hair. Fill your plate with nutrients and vitamins that help hair growth.

Apart from eating a healthy diet, drink plenty of water during the day. You can also take coconut water and fresh juices. During the post-delivery hair fall, you have to give your hair nourishment from inside and do not compromise anything for this.

Sleep Well

sleep well for healthy hair and body

I know that getting a good sleep after having a baby is a dream for new moms. The best way to complete your sleep is to sleep whenever your baby is asleep. Good sleep will keep hair healthy along with your body and mind.

Using a silk pillowcase at bedtime can also help a little to prevent postpartum hair loss.

Don’t Skip Prenatal Vitamins

prenatal vitamins are improtant

Do not stop taking your prenatal vitamins until your gynecologist says. There is absolutely no harm to take vitamins for hair growth. Vitamin deficiency can lead to dull hair, weak hair, and gray hair.

It is often recommended to continue your prenatal vitamins along with a healthy diet after your baby is born, especially if you are breast-feeding. And don’t start taking supplements on your own. Always take your doctor’s advice.

Stop Hair Styling

skip heat tools to avoid hair thinning

Avoid tight hairstyles and skip the use of styling tools such as blow dryers, curling, and flat irons. Because the heat of these products can make your hair brittle and dry, this can make your hair-thin.

To avoid excessive shedding, be gentle while brushing your hair. Brushing too hard can break your hair from roots and don’t brush more than once a day.

Change Your Shampoo And Conditioner

hair care for thin hair product

In this situation, use any voluminous product except for your normal shampoo and conditioner. Use only shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients.

Always use conditioner on the length of your hair because by applying conditioner on scalp your thin hair will look even flatter. Make sure to change your products for the best hair care.

Regular Oil Massage

hair growth oils for postpartum hair loss

Regular oil massage can be very helpful in the regrowth of your hair. There are many natural hair growth oils that prevent your hair from excessive falling and thinning.

Massage with these hair oils stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp area and improves hair health. Along with nourishing hair, a light oil massage helps to relieve the stress.

Avoid Stress

do mediation to reduce stress and hair fall

Life can be a little stressful with a newborn. Because you are unable to find time for yourself with the responsibility of your baby.

But Mamas, do you know that stress can cause severe hair fall? Yes, that’s why stop taking the stress and meditate at least 15 minutes a day. If possible, walk in the morning and evening to take fresh air.

And if your doctor recommends, then do a little yoga to get rid of stress and get healthy hair.

Postpartum hair loss could be a distressing condition for new moms. Remember it is a temporary phenomenon. It just takes time and patience. In case, you don’t see any hair regrowth then immediately contact your dermatologist and start your treatment on time.

Love Yourself ❤️

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