Facial Yoga Exercises For Skin Tightening & Anti-Aging

Does our face need exercise?

Just like we exercise to tone our body muscles, similarly, our facial muscles also require exercise for toning. When we start maturing, then our skin starts sagging. Facial exercises for skin tightening are a real natural solution to tone face. This is an excellent method to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tightening, and release facial tension.

Regular facial exercises for skin tightening can promote the blood circulation to the different areas of your face. Because of which you can get a healthy glowing toned face. The best thing about facial exercises is that you can do them anywhere and anytime even while watching TV and you don’t need any equipment to do this.

Surprising Beauty Benefits Of Facial Yoga Exercises

Facial yoga exercises make your skin tight, reduce wrinkles, increase blood circulation towards the face, strengthen face muscles, and give you bright complexion. Many skin tightening exercises stimulate the production of collagen, which also tightens the skin.

In addition, it is an inexpensive method to get the youthful glow and slow down the aging process.

If you want to see visible results then perform these exercises 4-5 times in a week for at least 20 minutes every time. You can achieve a youthful look at home by investing just a little time. You may feel the burning sensation in your muscles while performing the exercises. Don’t worry, that means you are exercising right.

Tip Before Starting

Don’t forget to wash your hands before touching your face. So what is the delay, get ready, and start these really simple facial exercises now.

1. Exercise For Tighten And Firm Cheeks

This facial exercise will help to strengthen your cheeks and make them firm.


  • First Fill your mouth with air.
  • Now Shift the air from one cheek to another cheek.
  • Gently release the air making an “O” after doing this till 30 counts.
  • Repeat this movement 5 times.

2. Exercise For Lower Face Lift

This one is good for lifting up your cheeks and smoothing the laugh lines. You need a pencil or a spoon to perform this. Properly clean the pencil or spoon before putting it in the mouth.


  • Hold the handle of the spoon or pencil in between your lips.
  • Try to raise it using your jaw muscles, also try to laugh during this process.
  • Stay in this position till 10 counts then relax for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times in the morning or evening.

3. Exercise For Sagging Neck

This is a very easy and effective exercise to get the slim neck and avoid the signs of aging on your neck. Do this facial exercise slowly and carefully.


  • Look up at the ceiling and gently press your tongue into the roof of your mouth.
  • Keep pressing till 10 counts and return your head to its natural position and release the tension into the tongue.
  • Do this 10 times for a slim and beautiful neck.

4. Exercise For Lifting Eyebrows

To restore the sagging eyebrows maximum women seek the help of surgeries or injections. You can strengthen and tone your eye muscles by performing anti-aging eye exercises.

If you want to lift eyebrow then perform this exercise to keep your brows up.

  • First, sit down comfortably and close your eyes.
  • Now look down as far as possible. Your eyes should still be closed. Now you should feel a slight pull. Stay in this position for 5 seconds.
  • In the next step, you have to keep your eyes closed and try to look upwards, and again you will feel a gentle pull. Hold this position till 5 counts.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times.

5. Exercise For Forehead Wrinkles

These exercises will help to release the stress and tone of the forehead muscles.

Steps for exercise 1

  • Place your palms on your forehead and look up while keeping your face straight.
  • Now move your eyebrows upward and downward direction till 20 counts.

Steps for exercise 2

  • Place your hands on the border of your hairline on the forehead.
  • Pull yourself back with your hands.
  • Now say the letter “O” and look down.
  • Stay in this position for 15 counts. Repeat this process 10 times.

6. Exercise For Perfect Sharper Jawline

If you want to banish the double chin area and tone the jawline then these are very effective and simple exercises to do. So do this session of facial exercises for skin tightening and stop wrinkles.

Steps for exercise 1

  • Look at the front. Press your right side of the cheek with your tongue.
  • Hold this position for 30 counts. You will feel the pull on the left side of the jaw.
  • Now do the same on the left side and you will feel the pull on the right side of the jaw.
  • Repeat this process 5 times.

Apart from this, there are 2 very important and easy facial exercises for the sharper jawline. Do these two exercises together.

Steps for exercise 2

  • Look at the ceiling and Stretch your jawline.
  • Hold this position till 20 counts.
  • Repeat this 5 times.

Steps for exercise 3

  • Turn your neck and look at your right and hold this till 20 counts
  • Now look at your left side and also hold this position for till counts again.
  • Repeat this 5 times on both sides.

7. Exercise For Crow’s Feet

These face exercises are really effective to remove eye wrinkles even at the age of 40.

Steps for Exercise 1

  • Widely open and close your eyes comfortably.
  • Do this for 15 times. This is like a warm-up for your eyes.
  • Keep smiling while doing this exercise.

Steps for Exercise 2
This one is very beneficial for lower eyelids.

  • Place your middle and index finger on the corners of your eyes, just like making a sign of “v” with your fingers.
  • Now look up and pull the lower eyelid up.
  • Count till 5 and release. You should feel a little shake at the outer edge of the eye.
  • Repeat this 10 times.

8. Exercise For Plumper Lips

Before starting lip exercises apply a lip balm to hydrate your lips.

Steps for exercise 1

  • Look front and start blowing kisses.
  • Do this till 20 counts.
  • Now look at the right side and start blowing kisses till 20 counts.
  • Do the same on the left side until 20 counts.

Steps for Exercise 2
This exercise will firm and tone your lips and cheeks together.

  • Simply suck your cheeks and form a classic fish face with your lips and try to smile with it.
  • Hold this for 10 counts. You will feel the burning sensation.
  • Repeat this exercise 5 times.

To see the beautiful transformation all you need to invest little time in these facial skin tightening exercises. In other words, we can’t stop aging but we can slow down the aging process by taking good care of ourselves. You need to be consistent to get all the glow benefits of these inexpensive exercises. So this is how you can tone your skin with face yoga. Add these facial exercises in your skincare routine today and look 20 years old at the age of 40.

Love yourself ❤️

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